Oil Change Importance

Oil Change

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

While browsing our new inventory at Grant Miller Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd., you will find models that vary in many ways, including maintenance. Once you find the model that best fits your needs, you can take advantage of our excellent automotive services to enjoy an effortless and seamless vehicle shopping, purchasing, and ownership experience. Through our convenient location, you will be able to shop for the best vehicles on the market, secure the appropriate financing or leasing options for your situation, and access a Service Centre that can perform various maintenance and repairs on your vehicle.

Different Types Of Oil

When changing your vehicle's oil, you will often hear about conventional and synthetic oil changes, but you might wonder which to choose. Most regular vehicles are compatible with conventional oil, while synthetic oil is the only recommended type for various high-performing models. Conventional oil is cheaper and lubricates the engine components adequately. However, synthetic oil is better at handling high and low temperatures, and it offers longer driving coverage with proper lubrication. You can also find a semi-synthetic blend oil, a good middle ground between the two types.

Importance Of Oil Changes

Changing your vehicle's oil on time is crucial to its smooth operation since you won't get far with an engine experiencing issues. Over time and driving, oil tends to wear out, causing it to lose some of its lubricating properties, and it could turn into sludge in some situations. To avoid such issues with your vehicle, ensure that you regularly follow the recommended oil change intervals and change out the oil filter during every oil change.

Financing Options

Once you find a model you wish to purchase, reach out to our Finance Centre to discuss the available financing and leasing options. You can also utilize your current vehicle as a trade-in towards your new purchase for further savings. Once you drive away with your new vehicle, visit us for regular oil changes to maximize its lifespan and reliability.