Tire Pressure Importance

Tire Pressure

The Importance of Proper Tire Pressure

At Grant Miller Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd., we stock our new inventory with the latest models from various brands, so visit our showroom to explore our selection and test drive any model that sparks your interest. Although new vehicles provide the best reliability, keeping up with tire maintenance is important to maximize tire lifespan and performance. There are many reasons why tire pressure can change, making it important to check your vehicle's tire pressure regularly.

Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle will only be reliable if you keep up with its maintenance needs since various systems are crucial for your vehicle's operation. The most important items to keep up with during vehicle maintenance include tires, engine, transmission, and suspension. If those systems experience issues due to poor maintenance, you will find yourself with expensive repairs that vastly exceed the cost of regular maintenance. Reach out to our friendly experts for assistance, and let us get your vehicle ready for the upcoming driving season.

Why is maintaining proper tire pressure important?

Having proper tire pressure is very important for safety and performance since an under-or over-inflated tire can cause a tire blowout or poor braking performance. Also, improper tire pressure can affect your vehicle's fuel economy, and it could prematurely wear out your tires. Each vehicle has tires that match its specifications, which makes it vital to check your owner's manual or the sticker in the door jam to find the exact tire pressure for your specific model and trim.