GM Certified Service

Expert GM Service in Smoky Lake

Certified Technicians know your vehicle inside and out and are specifically trained to service Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles using a wide variety of parts to suit any budget from ACDelco to original equipment. Request a quote or schedule a service appointment today to receive "Expert Service at Competitive Prices".


Regular Maintenance Improves Fuel Economy

Tire Rotation & Yearly Wheel Alignment

Spark Plug Replacement

Engine Air Filter

Fuel System Flush

Oil change: Starting @ $75.99 
Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, oil is its blood. 
Driving around with dirty oil - or not enough oil - can shorten the life of your engine considerably. Over time, repeated heating and cooling as well as the accumulation of particles can make oil thicker. Not only can this decrease its ability to flow (also known as viscosity), it can leave harmful deposits in your engine and cause extensive damage

Air Filters:  Starting @ $49.99
Nothing helps extend the life of a vehicle like regularly changing its filters.  A new OME air filter will improve gas mileage, reduce emissions, allow optimal air flow and improve your engine performance. 
Tire Rotating: $30 Recommended every 12,000KM 
*Single Wheel Only* 
Keep all 4 Tires on your vehicle wearing evenly 
*Saving you $ not having to purchase new tires prematurely. 
Improves Fuel Economy 
Improves ride quality and prevents tire noise 
Slows tread separation 
Improves traction and gives you total control of your vehicle 
Saves your transfer case ! 

 Transmission Flush Starting at
 @ $ 270 
Recommended Every 72,000 KM 
The transmission fluid change is the tried-and-true process that your owner's manual specifies when it calls for a transmission service. 
During this service our technician will: 
Drain the transmission fluid 
Replaces the filter & gasket-when applicable- with a GM approved filter. 
Inspection of internal wiring (if equipped) 
Refill the transmission with fresh, new     GM approved fluid 
Road Test 
Transfer Case Flush $70 
Recommended Every 72 000 KM 
An Excellent service paired with a Transmission Flush every 72 000 KM. 
Our Trained Technicians will Flush the transfer case fluid, Check old fluid for abnormal metal shavings or discoloration. 
Driveline Service starting at $340 
Recommended at 72 000 KM 
4x4 Driveline Service 
Change fluid in Front and Rear Diff as well as Transfer Case 
Fuel System Flush Starting at $250 
Recommended Every 5 Years for 160 000 KM Whatever comes first 
Deliver powerful cleaning that removes stubborn oil and fuel deposits. 
Clean the entire fuel System including fuel injectors, intake valves, ports, fuel filters, combustion chambers and fuel sending unit 
Coolant System Flush $250 
Recommended Every 5 Years for 160 000 KM Whatever comes first 
Flush & refill your cooling system with GM approved Dex-Cool to remove harmful deposits, Visual inspection for leaks, inspect hoses, belts  & tighten clamps as necessary. 
Strength test the coolant to ensure its strength up to -40. 
Brake System Flush $180 
Recommended Every 5 Years for 160 000 KM Whatever comes first 
Extract brake fluid from brake fluid reservoir, fill with fresh brake fluid. Open bleeder screws and pressure fresh fluid through the brake lines and into the brake calipers. Seal again and bleed air from system